Our Philosophy


 The Sahib adventure began in late 2019, during a long, beautiful journey around India. 

Imagine walking down the streets of Delhi: tailors’ workshops in every corner and peacocks roaming the narrow alleyways bordered by colourful fabric markets and filled with perfumes of spices and ancient scents. 

Inspired by the uniforms first worn by the British Army in India towards the end of the 19th century, and now a staple element of India’s attire culture, the Sahib jacket combines the country’s historical heritage and sumptuous mix of traditions with its folklore and landscapes palette.



 “Where did you buy this jacket? You don’t buy this, Sahib. It’s tailor made.”

Sahib, or Sir in Hindi, is inspired by India’s obsession for sartorial clothing and our passion for the classic Sahariana jacket: a comfortable, effortlessly chic and practical garment for every day use. 

"Despite its rich history, the safari (or sahariana) jacket is more relevant today than ever and it has confidently transcended its previous life on the savanna. It’s a credit to its fundamental design that the style is able to successfully straddle both the opposing worlds of fine tailoring and streetwear"
(Charlie Thomas, The Rake)
       The Sahib jacket is a seasonless wardrobe essential, beyond any style and gender, perfect for every adventure. Timeless and made to last: passed down the generations against the fast-fashion's logics.

A combination of Indian craftsmanship and culture of tailoring and Italian aesthetics. 

Our People