Our People


 Pursuing our ideal against fast-fashion was at the foundation of our search for an apparel manufacturer in the outskirts of Delhi. We came across numerous factories whose aim was to prioritise cost over quality - and human beings.

When we met Nimmy, we felt an immediate connection with this powerful and tenacious woman, who played an important role in helping Sahib to take its first steps.

We knew we had found someone who shared our values and vision for a product of the utmost quality and made ethically.

 We are grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with Nimmy’s small team, from Onprikash, the production manager, and Jaysingh, the Master Tailor, to all the tailors and the dyers.

We consider them our family and look forward to continuing to embrace this adventure together.


 “It’s estimated that 98% of garment workers are unable to meet their basic needs” 
(The True Cost, The Lowest Wage Challenge)

In many garment-producing countries, government-set minimum wages fall far short of what is estimated to be a living wage. The reality is that most of the garment workers producing clothes for fast fashion brands struggle to survive on wages that are barely enough to cover their basic daily needs.

Nimmy supports our belief that people should be paid fairly. However, we believe that not only our family should be entitled to a living wage, and that governments of affected countries should ensure that their minimum wage does not leave the workers below the poverty line.

Sahib is proud of its Born in India philosophy and supports the living wage, regardless of the impact on our bottom line.

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